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I’m in a fucking feels Rollercoaster right now man. Like holy shit I’m watching dexters finale. And I’m all fucking going nuts about this chick. And I’m fucking going to jump off of hoover dam man. I thought Fort Irwin sucked shit please send me back. I want to start smoking cigarettes again fucking A. I don’t know wtf is up with life right now. But I can’t handle it right now. And my fucking birthday is in a couple days like shit fuck man. I think a deployment would be good right now. Or some kind of training anything I don’t give a fuck. I think imma pull a dexter and go live in canada. Fuck it. Thanks everyone love you all.

This is fucking stupid, but this is literally how I feel right now. I shouldve seen it coming fuck damn it. I can’t have a single day without getting fucked over. It’s like life’s just out there to make me feel like shit fuck cunt stick. I’m mad and I hope to never hear from you again. I had feelings bitch you made me say the words and then fucking left me. Fucking A wtf is up with this place can’t I have a nice thing for once? I been looking in the wrong places all along.

Wtf man, why the fuck do I feel like this? Really fuck, I haven’t even fucking met you and you’re making feel like shit. And I thought you were just a needy bitch but now you come to me with this bullshit. Making me relapse I’m just gonna go jump of a fucking bridge or something. Fuck. Sorry everyone you all know this is where I like vent myself. Y’all cool.

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